Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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Welcome to Paradigm Custom Rods
" Fishing is a quest for knowledge and wonder as much as a pursuit of fish."
-Paul Schullery
~ ~ ~ From the days of old to the modern age of angling  ~ ~ ~
No angling instrument in existence parallels the exquisite, enduring craftsmanship of a fine, Split Bamboo rod.

History and Tradition.
Elements of time that forge progressively onward - merging innovation of modernized fabrication methods with the
  "old-fashioned" and classic - further improvising upon the best, standardized rod making principles of yesteryear.
Generations of Life-long Durability.
Uncompromising workmanship in time-tested conventional Split bamboo rod construction coupled with the integrity
of today's advanced adhesives and rod coatings formulated to outlast the most rigorous outdoor conditions of nature.
Signature, Custom-personalized Design.
100% Handcrafted rod blanks - bench made to exacting customer specifications - inclusive of the highest quality,
premium grade rod components and accoutrements for exceptional durability and eye-pleasing aesthetics.
Sensory Overload.
Fluid, silky-smooth casting strokes effortlessly transfer a balance of finesse integrated with ample reserve power,
enabling the fly caster to gracefully deliver an offering to its intended target with precision and accuracy.

In today's complex, fast-paced world. . .
Take yourself back to the origins and essence of fly casting tradition
as it began long ago with the lively & natural tempo of Split Bamboo.


A timeless, classic centerpiece of sporting tradition.
Tonkin bamboo  (Arundinaria amabilis)
A renewable, sustainable natural resource with remarkable properties of tensile strength and organic resilience.
  The century's old superlative in freshwater fishing rods.



Split Bamboo rods possess an aura, mystique and a genuine story all their own . . . for the ages.

" When considering the finer attributes - smooth performance and the inherent value of Split bamboo as a treasured keepsake or family heirloom - nothing quite compares to lasting handcrafted tradition. "

Latest update: April 7, 2018